Big Stick with Chamomille

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Delicious snacks, made with vegetals, absolutely grain-free, in the shape of a stick, with locking lanyard of natural material. Appreciated by pet rabbits, Guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus of Chile. Excellent acceptance and great attention to the chosen vegetals, which have very good benefical properties: fennel seeds known for their beneficial effect on the digestive system, chamomile naturally calming and antispasmodic and blueberry which is among the best natural sources of antioxidants. The packaging ensures to maintain all the properties of the product in the best possible way, avoiding possible contamination caused by heat or insects.

  • 100% grain-free formula
  • WITHOUT antioxidants, dyes, flavorings, artificial preservatives, added sugars

Complementary pet food for rodents and pet rabbits

Sku: 02.202099
Ean code: 4002064202099
Content: 2x70g

Feeding recommendation: provide as desired. Please always provide sufficient water and hay. Store in a dry place and protect from heat. Close the package after use.

Composition: vegetables (pea flakes 54,4%), seeds (buckwheat 3,5%), derivates of vegetable origin, dried nettle (4,7%), dried chamomile (4%), dried parsley, dried peppermint, dried dandelion.