NATURAL DELIGHT Oat and banana

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Because of their high fibers content, herbs in general are a very important supplement to strict herbivores. Animals can naturally file their teeth (both incisors and molars) by consuming herbs, because of their peculiar consistency. All three recipes are suitable for rabbits and Guinea pigs, but also for chinchillas, degus and small rodents, such as rats, gerbils and mice; the latter will in part eat it and in part have fun with it by crumbling the stems, which will be later used to build a nest or as litter.

  • Rich in fibres
  • Colorings and preservatives free!

Complementary pet food for rodents and pet rabbits

Sku: 02.210148
Ean code: 4002064210148
Content: 100g

Crude ash 23,5%
Moisture 9%