Timothy hay

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Gimbi Timothy Hay (otherwise called mouse tail or Phleum pratense) is a special feed, which has natural characteristics, such as low protein and high percentage of fibers, which promotes proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, making it the ideal diet for rabbits, Guinea Pigs, chinchillas and other small herbivorous mammals. It reduces the effect of wet stool and intestinal gas, in addition to an anti-inflammatory action good to prevent cough, bronchitis, intestinal infections, diahrroea, allergies and inflammation of the upper tract of respiratory system. It is also appropriate for inappetent or convalescent pets. The aroma is mild and the acceptance by the pets is extremely high. Gimbi Timothy Hay promotes the natural filing of teeth, it stimulates chewing activity and the discharge of ingested hair, it enhances diversity and variety of the daily diet. Finally it caters for cozy, clean rodent housing.

  • Grain Free Formula
  • Extreme acceptance
  • Low protein content
  • Rich in fibres

Sku: 02.205151
Ean code: 4002064205151
Content: 500g

Protein 10%
Fat content 1,5%
Crude ash 32%
Crude fiber 12%