High quality complete and nutritionally balanced pet food. Contains proteins of animal and vegetable origin, taking into account the natural needs of omnivorous rodents. With cereals to ensure an adequate energy supply. With an adequate fat intake for maintaining proper body condition. More than 30 ingredients, very appreciated by small rodents. With vitamins A, D3, E to support the immune system.

  • Freshness saving packaging
  • No preservatives, antioxidants and dyes
  • To avoid selective feeding

Sku: 02.210391
Ean code: 4002064210391
Content: 700g

Protein 12,4%
Fat content 5,5%
Crude ash 3,6%
Crude fiber 4,5%
Moisture 14%
Calcium 0,32%
Phosphor 0,23%

Daily 8-15g for golden hamsters, 2.5-4g for dwarf hamsters, 3-6g for mice, 12-35g for rats of complete feed, depending on body weight and species. It’s always necessary to provide sufficient water and hay.

Extruded maize flour 14,5%, Maize flakes 8,7%, Wheat flakes 6%, Dari 5%, Sunflower seeds, Sorghum 5%, Puffed Wheat 5%, Wheat 5%, Extruded rice flour 5%, Silkworm pupae, Carob pods, Pea flakes, Maize 4%, Extruded wheat flour 3,3%, Wild seeds, Silver millet 3%, Canary seed, Carrots, Buckwheat 2%, Red Millet 2%, Oats 1,8%, Processed Poultry proteins 1,8%, Mung beans, Triangles of oats (cereals (50% oats), vegetable protein extract, derivatives of vegetable origin (barley malt), minerals) 1%, Alfa alfa, Fish meal 0,25%, Beetroot, Soy.

Vitamin A 9475 IU Vitamin D3 945 IU Vitamin E 38 IU