High quality pet food containing a variety of selected ingredients including vegetables and aromatic herbs in order to provide a diet similar to what they would have in nature. High percentage of crude fibers for promoting a proper dental wear and intestinal motility. With vitamins to support the natural defenses. Contain FOS prebiotics and yucca to mitigate unpleasant odors in stool.

  • Freshness saving packaging
  • Grain-free formula
    No preservatives, antioxidants and dyes
  • To avoid selective feeding

Sku: 02.210377
Ean code: 4002064210377
Content: 800g

Protein 14,4%
Fat content 3,1%
Crude ash 11,1%
Crude fiber 20,5%
Moisture 14%
Calcium 1%
Phosphor 0,31%

Daily 13-18g complete feed, depending on species. It’s always necessary to provide sufficient water and hay.

Alpine Hay 45,5%, Pea flakes 12,7%, Alfalfa, Nettle, Carrots 4,3%, Rocket 4%, Broad bean flakes, Ribwort plantain, Linseed straw 2,4%, Fennel seeds, Parsnip, Peppermint, Marigold flowers, Nettle roots, Chamomile flowers, Lemon balm, Rose petals, Linseed, Black cumin seeds, Mung beans, Parsley, Dandelion 0,1%, Beetroot, Hemp seeds, Echinacea, Elderberries, Grapes, Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) 0,02%, Bean plant, Marjoram, Anise seeds, Basil, Fennel plant, Elderflower, Lavender flowers, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Mojave yucca 0,003%.

Vitamin A 11846 IU Vitamin D3 851 IU Vitamin E 74 IU Vitamin C 224 IU