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With AromaProtect Formula™ for long-lasting odour binding and a pleasant vanilla & mandarin fragrance Allow yourself to be charmed by the special combination of fruity sweet mandarin and luxurious vanilla. Rounded off with a hint of musk, our vanilla & mandarin fragrance exudes Mediterranean flair and takes you on a journey along the Italian coast. Biokat’s Bianco fresh with vanilla & mandarin fragrance stands out with its AromaProtect Formula™. This reliably captures unpleasant odours and releases our pleasant vanilla & mandarin fragrance. As a result of this, the Biokat’s AromaProtect Formula™, developed by our experts for cat hygiene, provides for sustained odour binding! White colour Cats can often suffer from kidney disorders, which can generally be detected in the urine. On white cat litter, abnormal urine can be seen immediately. A dazzling shade of white is used for Biokat’s Bianco fresh. A special characteristic of our white clay is its extra strong absorbency, which makes this cat litter very efficient.

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